Product Information

& Search Instructions

To search for FotoPaaks or Drawings go to the product page and choose whichever you desire.

Hold the “Ctrl” while pressing the “F” key.  In the search box enter the manufacturer to see the aircraft available from a particular manufacturer, or enter an aircraft model number to see the listing of that particular model.  When you have chosen, record the information and proceed to the order form.  Use your back button to return to the site, choose the order tab, go to the order page.  You then enter the information.

FOTO-PAAKS (over 8,000 different selections) range in photo count from 1 to 134, 4” x 6" color pictures, depending on subject. Usually 2 to 8 are walk around shots with the balance of prints concentrating on details (such as instruments, gear, markings, tail wheel, etc.) essential to accurate building and finishing.  Remaining stock is 3-1/2 x 5” prints.  All new photo printing is 4”x 6” prints.  As the current stock is used it is not being restocked, and printing is by order.  Fast service on your orders is our primary goal.  

GUARANTEE—If not satisfied, return the entire set. we will refund or apply credit toward other items, deducting $10.00 per FOTO-PAAK for restocking.  If you have difficulty in making a choice out of the catalog, call us and we can give an idea of markings and color.

NOTE: Foto-Paaks in the 4000 numbering series are from the Repli-Tech collection. Quality varies considerably, and in some cases, are marginal in color, brightness, and coverage.  GUARANTEE does NOT apply to 4000 numbering series.

SCALE 3-VIEW LINE DRAWINGS - We have over 50,000 pages of 3-view line drawings and information from various sources that in many cases correspond to the FOTO-PAAKS listed in catalog. The drawings are usually NOT the specific markings as shown in the Foto–Paak section. PLEASE NOTE that 3-view line drawings are required for scale documentation presentations in MOST scale competitions.

- An (X) preceding Foto–Paak stock # in catalog refers to 11”x17” drawings listed in rear of catalog and includes codes for all types and sizes of drawings including the KOKU-FAN series.
- An asterisk (*) preceding Foto–Paak stock # in catalog indicates availability of 1 to 4 pages 8½” x 11" photo copies. Price is $3.00. A (**) preceding Foto–Paak stock # indicates 5 or more pages and many times includes historical, performance, etc. information. Price is indicated at beginning listing of that model. Note: There are times that magazine 3-views {(*) and (**) prior to Foto-Paak #} are superior to drawings in the 3-View catalog section.  Check codes.

NOTE: As drawings vary extensively as to detail and features, no guarantee applies unless we have mistakenly sent you a drawing other than what you ordered.