To obtain the product number, please go to the Product Page for Search Instructions.  Once you have the product number and cost for all of your choices, please place the information in the correct boxes on the order form.  NOTE: All 3-view orders must include the 3-view prefix.

Fill in the Order Form from the top to the bottom.  All fill-in boxes are color coded.

Place your cursor in the Prefix Box.  If the product is a drawing, fill in the prefix code, if ordering a FotoPaak then leave blank.  TAB to the Product Box and enter the number.  TAB to the Photo Count Box and enter the number of photos, leave this blank if a drawing.  TAB to the Subject Box and enter the Manufacturer and Model (Cessna C-182).  TAB to the Price Box and enter the cost.  

Continue Tabbing until all desired product is entered.  Place your cursor in the Military ID box, if USA Military, and enter your number.  The discount automatically fills.  Place you cursor in the Award Certificate #, if applicable, and enter the Certificate Number.  TAB to the Price Box and enter the Certificate Amount.  

Choose the desired shipping by clicking the appropriate box.  The shipping amount automatically fills.  

Place you cursor in the First Name box.  Enter your first name and TAB through the rest of the name/address/Credit Card boxes, entering your information.  NOTE: All required boxes must be filled in.  Your order will not be processed without this information.

Please verify all the information before you click Submit.  See our Guarantee.

When finished, click the submit button to complete your order.


NOTE: Credit Card orders are a $20 minimum PRODUCT order (does not include postage).

SURCHARGE:  Prices shown in the catalog are from 1999.  However, all processing prices have increased 50% since then.  All items will have a 30% surcharge as indicated on the order form.  This is a more cost effective way to handle the increased cost as opposed to re-pricing each item in the catalog.


SHIPPING and HANDLING is an involved and variable process depending on how and what you order.  We always attempt to send product the most practical and economical way.

USA – Most orders fit in one package.

Priority FLAT mail is $7.00.  Priority ROLLED mail (can include Foto-Paaks, see below) add $8.00 ($15.00 Total).

Tube Note:  We no longer use tubes for rolled drawings.  A priority mail box can accommodate many rolled 11” x 17” drawings.  If you order rolled 3-views and Foto-Paaks, they will fit into the same box.  Add $8.00, Total Shipping = $15.00 for this service.

FOREIGN ORDERS – First Class Mail (FLAT 8-1/2” x 11”), usually takes 7 days delivery for Canada/Mexico and overseas takes longer.  Postage is variable depending on weight & destination.  Postage is usually $15.50 for Canada and may be more for Mexico.  All foreign orders will be the actual postage plus $2.  International Priority shipping is an added variable cost according to weight and can more than triple the mailing cost.  Every effort is made to keep the postage as low as possible.

ENLARGEMENTS (Full color) - Choose the size desired, send me the print (returned with order) out of the Foto-Paak and it will be enlarged from the original negative. Takes about an additional week and is a valuable addition to your documentation or to hang on the wall as inspiration.

5"x7"-$10,  8"x10" -$15 , 8"x12" - $15.  Other sizes: call for pricing

Prices in catalog subject to change due to re-shoots, changes, or errors

Changes & Additions from previous year catalog are preceded by a +


Additional studies will be added after the current product database is established.

GUARANTEE:  If not satisfied with the photos, we will refund or apply credit toward other items, less Postage and a $10.00 processing fee.

NOTE:  Foto-Paaks in the 4000 numbering series are from the Repli-Tech collection.  Quality varies considerably and in some cases, is marginal in color, brightness, and coverage.  The Guarantee does NOT apply to 4000 numbering series photos.

NOTE:  As drawings vary extensively as to detail and features, NO guarantee applies unless we have mistakenly sent you a drawing other than what you ordered.